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The Windward Animal Hospital welcomes all types of animals from the family dog and cat to your fine feathered friends! If you have been searching for a vet close to Johns Creek with the knowledge and experience to care for your pet, look no further!

Vet Johns Creek

Dr. Stewart Colby, Veterinarian, of the Windward Animal Hospital graduated from the University of Georgia as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Colby’s background is based in small animal medicine and surgery with extensive experience in avian and exotic species.

Although our Animal Hospital is based in Johns Creek (Alpharetta) we are real close to Suwanee, Roswell, Milton, Crabapple and Cumming.

Whether your pet has fur, scales or feathers, you will find no one better to meet its needs than our staff!

As always, we welcome your questions and concerns.

Please call 770-569-7298 to speak to a member of our friendly staff

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Peggy Brown HambrickHe's cute, if no takers would love to have him....he looks like a sweetie full of fun. And, the dog looks like a keeper, too. Kidding, sure hope his owners claim him, breaks my heart breaks when animals are happened to mine...not good situation for all involved. Thanks for posting.1 month ago   ·  1

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This was a large scale rescue by Gwinnett Animal Control, Georgia House Rabbit Society & Us (Windward Animal Hospital) in which we all coordinated our efforts to get these rabbits out, treated them all for everyy medical condition they had and find them new homes. ... See MoreSee Less

And for the story of our year.......Serafina. The bun that saved hundreds On July 16,2015 we received a call that would change so many lives. There was a bun in a cage at the end of a driveway with little to no food, water or shade. What she did have was a sign that read "Free" and listed a phone number. The person that called us had driven by her cage on his way to work for the third day in a row now. He told us that from time to time there would be a bun in the "Free" cage but it was usually gone pretty quickly. He was extremely worried about this particular bun because on Day 1 she appeared to be ok, Day 2 she was tilting and on Day 3, she was actively rolling and had blood coming out of her nose. He pleaded for help and asked what he could do. That is the beginning of the powerful task force that we unknowingly put together that ultimately shut down the illegal business operation on the property and ended with us intaking 153 rabbits, all have Serafina to thank for their rescue. Yes, you guessed it. This is the beginning of the Gwinnett confiscation and the end of Pet Parties Plus. Jacob, Serafina's savior, was instructed to take some specific pictures and get her to us asap. She arrived and the blood appeared to be from busted blood vessles from the heat. She was dehydrated, hungry, hot and rolling. We immediately started her on the protocol for EC (e.cunucli) which is not an easy regime for a bun. It involves oral and injectible medications that are administered for 30 days and another 30 after that if needed. Serafina showed improvement but has never completely recovered. We have tried everything from acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and cold laser therapy. We know, it sounds so sad but she doesn't want our sympathy as she is the first one to communicate that she is happy and thriving. We tell her all the time how brave she is and how her suffering was not in vain, she shut down the very thing that caused her so much pain and that she saved so many of her friends from an awful fate. On September 30,2015 we represented Serafina and her friends in court. We made a statement to the judge on her behalf and showed pictures of the neglect and suffering. With the help of other amazing individuals, who joined our task force, we were able to obtain a conviction against the business operator. That included probation, fines, community service, mandatory vet care for the animals she was allowed to keep, spontaneous visits by animal control and the shutting down of her business operations. Serafina is in an extremely loving(read spoiled) foster home that will likely adopt her after she is spayed. Her quality of life is something that she had only dreamed of. We are grateful to her for showing us, as an organization, what we are made of and capable of. On behalf of all the other buns that she saved that are now in their forever homes or safe and happy while waiting for their forever homes, we say a profound THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU FIFI :) ***We want to thank everyone so very much for all of the love and support that you have given these amazing spirits. We couldn't do it without you. Please consider donating by clicking on the link below. Your donations go directly to these tiny warriors and their care so that we can help them on their journey to their forever home.

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January is "Teacher Appreciation Month" here at Windward Animal Hospital in Johns Creek. Help us spread the word ---- please share this with people you know would qualify.

For the entire month of January - Our Teacher's furry family members will get a choice of either a:

- FREE Ear Cleaning or
- FREE Nail Trimming

Please understand it is first come, first serve and we can only service a certain number of these each day. But we wanted to provide this token gift to show how much we appreciate Teachers!

Call (770)569-7298 for an appointment. Simply, tell the front desk that you want to schedule the "Teacher Appreciation FREE Nail Trimming or Ear Cleaning for your pet".

#TeacherAppreciation #JohnsCreekTeachers #AlpharettaTeachers

#CentennialHighSchool, @ChattahoocheeHighSchool, #JohnsCreekHighSchool, #NorthviewHighSchool
#AutreyMillMiddleSchool, #HaynesBridgeMiddleSchool, #RiverTrailMiddleSchool, #TaylorRoadMiddleSchool
#AbbottsHillElementarySchool, #BarnwellElementarySchool, #DolvinElementarySchool, #FindleyOaksElementarySchool, #HillsideElementarySchool, #MedlockBridgeElementarySchool, #NorthwoodElementarySchool, #OceeElementarySchool, #ShakeragElementarySchool, #StateBridgeCrossingElementarySchool, #WilsonCreekElementarySchool, #LakeWindwardElementary #IndependenceHighSchool, #AlpharettaHighSchool, #AlpharettaElementarySchool, #HopewellMiddleSchool, #MiltonHighSchool, #SweetAppleElementarySchool, #AmanaAcademy, #NewProspectElementarySchool, #CreekviewElementarySchool, #WoodwardAcademy
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