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The Windward Animal Hospital welcomes all types of animals from the family dog and cat to your fine feathered friends! If you have been searching for a vet close to Johns Creek with the knowledge and experience to care for your pet, look no further!

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Dr. Stewart Colby, Veterinarian, of the Windward Animal Hospital graduated from the University of Georgia as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Colby’s background is based in small animal medicine and surgery with extensive experience in avian and exotic species.

Although our Animal Hospital is based in Johns Creek (Alpharetta) we are real close to Suwanee, Roswell, Milton, Crabapple and Cumming.

Whether your pet has fur, scales or feathers, you will find no one better to meet its needs than our staff!

As always, we welcome your questions and concerns.

Please call 770-569-7298 to speak to a member of our friendly staff

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This bunny named Pauly was treated for a hock infection and the tissue had to be removed so fresh & healthy tissue could be treated and allwoed to heal properly.

The heel of your rabbit’s foot is the hock. Taking a close look at the heels of an adult rabbit, you will usually find a small, bare, pale pink callused area right at the tip of the heel which is covered by fur. The fur provides a cover for normal pressure and activity applied to the hock area. “Sore hocks” are inflamed and painful areas on the heel. This area may bleed or become infected. This is a serious concern, but it can be remedied and your bunny will be happy and pain free.

There are many predisposing factors that cause this: Poor Hygiene, Damp Bedding, Long Nails, Rough or Unsuitable Flooring, Obesity, Immobility, Excessive Thumping, Certain breeds/fur types (Rex for example).

Flooring is often the culprit. Inadequate or hard flooring can create pressure on hocks, removing fur covering and causing the skin to become raw and even break apart. Abrasive floor, including some rugs or play area surfaces, wear away the fur on the hock resulting in injury. Hutches or cage systems with wire or hard surfaces are injurious to rabbit feet.

Obesity creates excessive pressure on the hock and problems are more likely to arise. Chronic immobility due to aging or disease (arthritis etc..) contributes to hock issues especially if the rabbit is housed on abrasive carpeting. Long nails can be the cause as well. In rabbits with long nails the weight falls on the back of the foot resulting in sore hocks.


- Keep rabbit’s nails trimmed on a regular basis.
- Inspect the surface where your rabbit spends the most time.
- Create good quality flooring and make sure it is clear and free of abrasive material. Layers of fleece or soft cotton can provide a good flooring. Soft layers of sheets can also work. Some carpet is abrasive and can cause friction burns and injury, this needs to be modified as suggested.
- Bring your outdoor bunny inside where you can make sure the housing is safe and sanitary.
- If the rabbit is obese, examine the diet for changes.

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A little reminder to all rabbit owners. Windward Animal Hospital and Georgia House Rabbit Society are working together to fill a need in the rabbit community by offering low-cost rabbit care.

A full annual evaluation, two types of internal parasite exams, pre-anesthetic medication, gas anesthesia, spay/neuter, antibiotic injection and pain management generally ranges between $230-$280.

Windward Animal Hospital offers all the above for $110 to males and $140 for females. This is offer is good the first and third Tuesday every month. If you are the proud new owner of a rabbit or know someone who is please pass this information on!

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