Finding a Rabbit Vet in Johns Creek & Alpharetta area with the expertise and experience to care for your rabbit can be a challenge!  We are proud to offer rabbit enthusiasts the quality care that their pet rabbit deserves!  

Windward Animal Hospital has offered a low-cost spay and neuter program for rabbits for several years. As most rabbit owners know, rabbit surgery is a costly procedure with spays and neuters usually costing hundreds of dollars. More importantly, due to the delicate nature and special needs of rabbits, it is of the utmost importance that a veterinarian with extensive experience with rabbits performs the procedure.

Dr. Colby from the Windward Animal Hospital has been entrusted to the care of rabbits throughout the State and one of the leading veterinarians for the Georgia House Rabbit Society, a rabbit rescue and shelter located in Cobb County.

Seeing the need for affordable spays and neuters, Windward Animal Hospital has made this commitment which will benefit rabbit enthusiasts and rabbit welfare throughout the state.

Through our Low-Cost program, we currently offer rabbit neuters for $180* and rabbit spays for $210* which now includes teeth check. Check our FaceBook Page specific for rabbits for the SIGNUP form for the next Low Cost Rabbit Day: or the front page of this website on the sidebar.

(* The price is SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on the costs of medical supplies & meds).

rabbit vet clinic

“I have and continue to work with the Georgia House Rabbit Society of Georgia (GHRS) for several years. In working with them I have found that, while there is any number of programs available for low-cost canine and feline spay and neuter organizations, there are not many options for the rabbit community. Windward Animal Hospital (WAH), with the support of GHRS, is attempting to change that for the residents of the greater Atlanta area.  While the health and social benefits to spaying (ovariohysterectomy) and neutering (castration) rabbits are well documented, most veterinarians are not fully trained or have limited experience associated with rabbit’s health care issues and surgeries. Through vast experience, I believe rabbit health care is more of an art form than an exact science.  Additionally, pet/companion rabbits are just as important to their caregivers as dogs, birds, and cats and deserve the same level of health care.”

— Dr. Stewart Colby


If you are considering a rabbit for a pet, please consider adopting one in need. The Georgia House Rabbit Society has many rabbits at their shelter in need of a permanent home. In addition to helping save a life, their rabbits are already spayed or neutered as well as litter trained! To view their adoptable rabbits or for rabbit care information, visit the Georgia House Rabbit Society’s website at