The Windward Animal Hospital, a Johns Creek Vet Clinic, welcomes all types of animals from the typical family pet to rare exotic species! Our clinic treats & cares for more rabbits each month than most clinics do throughout the entire year. If you have been searching for a vet close with the knowledge and experience to care for your pet, look no further!

Dr Stewart Colby

Dr. Stewart Colby, Veterinarian, of the Windward Animal Hospital, graduated from the University of Georgia as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Colby’s background is based in small animal medicine and surgery with extensive experience in avian and exotic species.

Established in 2001, Windward Animal Hospital, is proud to be the “one-stop” center for your pet’s health, boarding, grooming and day care needs; and a trusted resource for health issues affecting the furred, feathered or scaled family members. We will set up reminders to alert you when a routine preventative measure is advised so you do not have to worry about missing an important milestone in your pet’s healthcare.


Although most animals hate going to the Vet’s office, we try to do our absolute best to make it less traumatic and enjoyable.

dog vet clinic

Whether your pet has fur, scales, feathers – we offer all levels of veterinary medicine from routine vaccinations to complex laser surgery.

rabbit vet clinic


As a leading Veterinary provider for Georgia House Rabbit Society – We see more rabbits in one week than most clinics do in a year.

General Care

Exotic Animal Care

As the Veterinarian for the North Georgia Zoo, you can imagine the variety of exotic species that we are accustom to maintaining their excellent health.

farm animal care
Farm Animal Care

Did you know we can come to your Farm to do wellness checks procedures? You know the expression, “An ounce of prevention”…

Our committed mission is based on the core values of quality, compassion, integrity, attentiveness, education, and our unwavering fundamental love for all animals in our Johns Creek Vet Clinic. 

Quality – We aspire to provide our patients with the highest quality care to prevent illness when possible, to prolong their health and well-being, and to treat the ailments that arise over their pet’s lifetime.  We strive to offer friendly, prompt, considerate service to our clients, and to fully explain and discuss our plans and thought processes for the care.  Quality of treatment, sometimes means the price is reflective of said treatment.  Although we feel we offer affordable pricing it does not mean we are the lowest in the industry. 

Compassion – A genuine consideration of the feelings, concerns, and needs of both our clients and patients is infused into every interaction, recommendation, and medical plan of our doctors and staff.

Transparency – Whether you’re bringing your pet into our Johns Creek Vet Clinic for a routine pet exam, a surgical procedure, or emergency care…  transparency is our policy. There is no question we won’t answer, and your pet’s treatment plan being successful is dependent on your involvement.

Integrity – Through honesty, communication, and the everyday demonstration of our commitment by our actions, our team is dedicated to building trust and respect in each of our client relationships.

Attentiveness – From the reception desk, staff members in the back, all the way to the doctor’s follow-up on each case, our aim is to acknowledge and recognize your needs and the needs of the beloved pets that you have entrusted to our care.  We strive to answer your questions clearly and completely, to provide timely and complete service, and to maintain a positive and friendly attitude.  We are dedicated to creating a lasting bond with you and your companions,

Education – We believe that understanding and knowledge are the building blocks for good, trusted and competent decisions.  When it comes to the health and quality of life of our pets, it is vital to have respected and knowledgeable resources to help guide our plans, choices, and expectations.  At Windward Animal Hospital, we make an unsurpassed effort to inform our patients of any findings, diagnoses, research and treatment plans, in order to empower you to work with us in caring for your pets together as a team.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Colby has passionately pursued many humanitarian avenues when it comes to the welfare of all animals. This includes his decades of wildlife rehabilitation as well as the publicized animal cruelty crusades (through the amazing efforts of Georgia House Rabbit Society) to rescue abandoned or abused domestic rabbits. All of this work has always been funded solely from the profits of his clinic as a measure to give back to the community.

The clinic has worked closely with Georgia House Rabbit Society to design a strategy to offer low-cost spay & neutering days for domestic rabbits to encourage and make the procedure available to every individual.

The love didn’t stop there, Dr. Colby has donated his time and provided free care to injured native wildlife for many, many years.  Dr. Colby would oversee the clinic’s own intakes of injured wildlife as well as being the primary overseeing Vet for Southern Wildlife ManagementHowever, since the pandemic we have had to make the painful decision to no longer offer wildlife rehabilitation services to the public.  

Windward Animal Hospital’s mission is to provide our patients, guests, clients, and the community with the best in veterinary medical treatment, progressive and unique care options, unsurpassed service, and personalized patient care.  It is imperative that we promote the human-animal bond by improving and comfortably prolonging the lives of the animals we care for, while serving and educating our clients to make each visit enjoyable, educational, and beneficial to both you and your pets.

All of us at the clinic are profoundly committed to the work we do, providing a full spectrum of medical and surgical services, as well as empowering our clients to make the best and most appropriate decisions about their pet’s health and lifestyle.

We look forward to a long relationship with you and your pets as their home away from home, and your “other” family doctor!

As always, we welcome your questions and concerns.

Please call 770-569-7298 to speak to a member of our friendly staff