Meet the Windward Animal Hospital Team!

Windward Animal Hopsital team

Founding Resident Veterinarian

Windward Animal Hospital’s Primary Veterinarian and Founder. Having earned a degree in biology from the University of Virginia, he went on to achieve his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia.

Dr. Colby’s background, which is small animal medicine and surgery with extensive specialized experience in avian and exotic species, which benefits the animals & clientele that he treats at the Windward Animal Hospital and all of the animal rescue groups throughout the state.

Dr. Colby works in conjunction with the Georgia House Rabbit Society of Marietta, helping to rehabilitate abused and abandoned rabbits in need. He also lends his knowledge and expertise to the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve located in Dahlonega, Georgia where exotic animals find respite and care. Dr. Colby has had the honor of overseeing the care of lions, tigers, koalas and more on behalf of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve.

Ben Windward Animal Hospital

 BEN – Hospital Manager

Though I enjoy working with all the animals we see at the clinic, my favorite animals to care for are the reptiles. Lately, I have been learning the more technical aspect of treating animals.  I am currently attending college to further advance my career in veterinary medicine. As the Practice Manager, my goal is to do my very best to assure the Staff & our Patients are all happy and the clinic is running harmoniously.


 Delanie – Veterinary Technician

I am the Resident Veterinary Technician. I have always had a love for reptiles, birds and furry friends too. I currently have two snakes and Diego, a Yellow-Headed Amazon. I have a huge heart that allows me to care for every animal, whether scaled, furry or feathered.


 Dani – Veterinary Assistant

I completed my school’s Internship program with Windward Animal Hospital and my love of animals helped me to decide to become a permanent part of the team. My favorite part of the job is seeing animals do a 180 after treatment. It makes me feel as if we made a difference.


 Madison – Veterinary Assistant

I recently graduated from UGA with a degrees in Avian Biology & Biological Sciences where I gained a lot of experience with poultry. I am applying to UGA’s Vet school fro Exotic Animal Medicine and decided to work at Windward Animal Hospital to gain exotic animal experience before vet school.


John – Kennel Technician

I love see the varying animals that come through our doors. I am knowledgeable about the animals that we see and their wild counterparts. I love to play with the puppies and kittens whenever time allows. I dedicate my time to making sure the animals stay safe and are well cared for while at the clinic.


Diane – Receptionist

I came to Windward Animal Hospital originally as a client to have my bunny, Gerti, cared for. I quickly learned the ins & outs of bunny husbandry and care. My knowledge and passion for rabbits made me a great fit to join the team. I care for two rabbits Jessica (Self-proclaimed Second official Mayor of Bunnyville) and Harvey.