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Windward Animal Hospital, an Alpharetta Vet Clinic, welcomes all types of animals from the family dog, cat, lizard, snake, guinea pig, rat to your fine feathered friends.  The types of patients that we treat are limitless!  If you have been searching for an Alpharetta Animal Clinic with compassion, knowledge, and experience to care for your pet, look no further!  We are located in the strip mall right across from the intersection of Douglas Rd & Jones Bridge Rd.

Dr. Stewart Colby, Veterinarian, of Windward Animal Hospital graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in biology and went on to earn his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia.  Dr.Colby’s background is based in small animal medicine and surgery with extensive experience in avian and exotic species.

Our Alpharetta animal care team, at Windward Animal Hospital, wants you to know that we’re your partner in your pet’s care. Whether that means providing education about your pet’s needs, sharing research and medical facts about valuable veterinary care information, or walking you through each step of your pet’s treatment plan, we’re here for you! Our veterinary team strives to genuinely get to know you and your best friend, so we can provide you with the most personalized care imaginable.

Did you know our clinic sees more rabbits in one week than most clinics see all year? Dr. Colby has been entrusted to the care of rabbits throughout the State and one of the leading veterinarians for the Georgia House Rabbit Society, a rabbit rescue and shelter located in Cobb County.

Whether you’re bringing your pet into our Alpharetta office for a routine pet exam, a surgical procedure, or emergency care…  transparency is our policy. There is no question we won’t answer, and your pet’s treatment plan being successful is dependent on your involvement.

We look forward to getting to know you and your best friend. Welcome to Windward Animal Hospital, your pet’s family doctor. Contact us today to get started!

Whether your pet has fur, scales or feathers, you will find no one better to meet its needs than the staff at our Alpharetta Vet Clinic,  Windward Animal Hospital!

– Our Alpharetta Vet Clinic Services-

One of the many services that we provide from our clinic is boarding services.  We only offer to board on a small-scale, limited basis, due to space.  We have to be able to provide a level of services that meets our standards to each and every boarder & patient, therefore, we do not take on more animals than we can care for or have adequate room for.   All shots are required to be current in order for your pet to stay with us.  This is for your pet’s best interest as well as our other boarders. Call us to check out our availability.

As always, we welcome your questions and concerns.  Please call (770)569-7298 to speak to a member of our friendly staff.

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Primary Alpharetta Vet Services …

Arthritis treatment

Basic grooming

Behavioral counseling


Client education



Diagnostic testing

Digital radiology

Ear cropping

Emergency service


Exotic veterinarian medicine

Health certificates


In-house pharmacy

Internal medicine

Laser surgery

Low-cost spay & neuter for Rabbits

Microchipping dogs & cats

Nutritional counseling

Prescription diets

Routine vaccinations on dogs, cats, rabbits & a lot more

Spay/neuter surgery of dogs, cats & a lot more.

Wellness exam